[Update #2] The auctions have closed! All five bundles combined brought in an impressive $2,535 for the Red Cross. Better yet, it appears at least two of the winners live in Minnesota, and will be treated to lunch and a tour of the office.

As with the Nintendo DS auction, I'll provide proof of the donation once payment has been received.

Thank you everyone!

[Update] Only five hours remain for bidding on our exclusive Game Informer bundles! Check them out before it is too late!

[Original Story] This week has seen fantastic donations and deals offered up by publishers/developers in light of last week’s quake in Japan. Game Informer wants to pitch in, too. We’ve listed five limited edition bundles of GI goodies on eBay, with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to the Red Cross.

The five auctions are part of a greater industry-wide project currently underway called Play for Japan, designed to raise money and awareness for the Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief fund. We’ll share more information next week when the campaign officially launches, but if you are feeling particularly ambitious you can read up on it here. Check out the bundle details below!

Game Informer Limited Edition Memorabilia Bundle

Only five of these bundles have been created and feature many items no longer in production.

  • Game Informer Limited Edition BioShock Infinite poster (x2)
  • Game Informer Limited Edition “30 Characters who Defined a Decade” poster (x1)
  • 24-month subscription to Game Informer magazine (x1)
    • This item can be kept or gifted. A name and address will be requested once the auction has ended.
  • Issue 217 of Game Informer (yet to be announced) signed by staff (x1)
    • The newest issue of Game Informer will not hit stands till mid-April. The winner can choose for us to hold off shipment of the bundle until it arrives, or ship it separately at a later date.
  • Complete run of eight Game Informer #200 cover variants (x1)
  • Copy of Game Informer Issue #1 - Released fall of 1991 (x1)
  • If the winning bidder lives in (or intends to travel to) the Minneapolis area, we can also extend an open offer for complementary lunch and a tour of the Game Informer office. Travel arrangements are not included in this auction.

Take a look at the auctions and laugh at how ridiculous the first-ever Game Informer was. Also, bid! Those posters would look awesome on your wall, after all.

eBay Links: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5, 4 of 5, 5 of 5