We're still more than a week away from the official launch of the 3DS in America, but a special delivery at the GI office today spared us the wait. Brace yourself for the greatest unboxing in the universe. That's right, the universe.

We'll start with the games. Our package contained five of the 3DS's launch games: Madden NFL Football, Nintendogs + Cats (French Bulldog edition), Lego Star Wars III, Steeldiver, and Pilotwings Resort. Is there anything different about the 3DS game cases? We're glad you asked, because it sets up the next image perfectly.

The 3DS cases come with a new message on the bottom that says the 3D mode is for ages 7+. It also prompts users to see the back, we're assuming for more details.

Yep, more warnings. These include the typical epilepsy warning, the "Read the manual so you don't blow yourself up, stupid!" warning, and the new warning that 3D images might cause vision damage for children 6 and under. Also, puppies!

Here's a blurry shot of what the packaging looks like inside of a 3DS game box. I had a hard time holding the camera still because of how adorable that dog is on the front of the instruction manual.

Up Next: The 3DS unit.