Cosplayer Rachel Chambers steps into the oversized shoes of Sora for CosBlog #47, making sure to find the perfect parts for the notoriously difficult costume. Check out the costume details and gallery below.

Who: The Character
This character is "Sora" from the video game Kingdom Hearts II.

Why: The Decision
I chose to do Sora because I absolutely adore the Kingdom Hearts series and honestly it was the first game I've ever played that had a fantastic story line and was more than just shooting a gun or being a frog trying to cross the street. Sora was always my favorite character from the games so I thought I could take a stab at it.

What: The Process
The costume I actually found after hours and hours of searching on eBay.

The next thing I needed was shoes because I refuse to half-way do the job and wear tennis shoes to a Con. I've seen that too many times. So again after another couple hours worth of searching I came across this item on eBay.

After purchasing the costume I chose to get colored contacts because Sora’s eyes are blue and my natural eye color is green. Like I said, couldn't go halfway ;)

Then, to my surprise my amazing friend (whom I'm forever in debt to) commissioned Cupcake Rufflebutt to do my wig.

Anyways, all together the costume, shoes, and contacts, were about $280. Luckily I didn't pay for the wig which was roughly $150.
Where and When: The Debut
I wore my Sora costume proudly for the first time in New Orleans for Mechacon VI held at the Marriott hotel. The photoshoot was taken in St. Thomas and done by Kaitlin Freeman who can be found here. I didn't actually choose to take the photos in St. Thomas but I was invited to go with Kaitlin and her family to the island. Is was the opportunity of a lifetime I couldn't pass up. Plus it was absolutely perfect because in Kingdom Hearts, Sora’s hometown is an island called "Destiny Island." Go figure. :P

Links: The Cosplayer
You can find me on my personal DeviantArt account, or my group page.

The Gallery

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