Sega and The Creative Assembly hooked us up with some sweet concept art for the upcoming PC strategy game, and we made them handy wallpaper size for you.

Find the big 1920 x 1200 files in the media gallery below, or click here for 1680 x 1050 versions or get the 4:3 ratio 1280 x 1024 files here. Right-click the image in the media gallery and choose "Save image as..." to download the file.

Total War: Shogun 2 comes out March 15. The game follows the Total War blueprint of massive real-time army clashes and turn-based grand strategy, but streamlines and cleans up a lot of the bloat the franchise has succumbed to over the last few years. The historical setting is once again feudal Japan, but there's no comparison to the presentation and polish between Shogun 2 and the game that kicked off the whole series back in 2000.

You can read my review in the upcoming April issue of Game Informer magazine, or online just as soon as I'm allowed to publish it. Not to spoil anything, but I like the game a whole lot. Believe me, I can't wait to talk about it.

On the fence? Download the Total War: Shogun 2 demo from Steam.