Are you playing any single-player games right now?

The last one I really got into was me and Coco played Army of Two. My girl loves playing games. She has a theory of games, a one-sentence comment: “At least you know where they are.” [Laughs] You wanna b---- about your man sitting in the house, but there’s a lot of s--- he could be doing. Have him put that controller down and I bet he hits the door! She started learning how to play with me. I used to play Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I’d have her watch the map, so I wouldn’t have to take my eyes off the action. So, she’d be like, “Left! Left! Right! Turbo! Turbo!” Also, sometimes, if I’m stuck I’ll be like, “Coco grab the cheat book!” and she’ll give me little clues. Being married, we also have code words that let me know it’s time to stop. She’ll go, “Okay, I’m going upstairs…” That’s where our bedroom is, so I’m like, “Okay, last game.” [Laughs]

You have to have priorities.

I think that’s where guys lose it with their girls. Find a time when she’s reading a book or doing something else and get into it. Don’t let it override reality, or you’re gonna pick your game over your girl and that’s gonna be a bad move. Then, you’ll have full-time to be f---in’ gamer nerd. You’ll be talking about your kill/death ratio with your buddies. F--- that.

You’ve also appeared in several games – San Andreas, for one.

Yeah, I was the last guy. Mad Dog I think his name was. I was in Def Jam: Fight for NY. I was in Scarface and San Andreas. Recently, I was in Gears of War 3.

How did the Gears of War 3 thing happen?

F---ing with Jace Hall. Jace Hall has a web series called the Jace Hall Show. He’s a brother, kind of a big guy. A long time ago, he did a video game and I did the voiceovers, it was called Sanity. That was back in the day. So, he came back to me and had this show. He said, “Ice, I want to interview you, people don’t know you’re a real video gamer.” He did this show at my apartment where he interviewed me and Coco. During the show, he told me that he was in Gears of War, and I was like, “Bull----, how you get in Gears of War?” He said, “I know the owner; I know Cliffy.” I said, “Call Cliffy, tell him I should be in the game.” So, on the show we did this thing where I told Cliffy, “Why the f--- is Jace in the game, no one knows who the f--- he is, use me instead.” So, Cliff says, “You never know, maybe in Gears 3.” Now, this was just a skit – this was bulls---, we were just f---in’ with it. But sure enough, the game came around and I got a call saying “would you be interested in doing voice work?” So, a joke turned into reality.

Is doing voiceovers different than doing things like Law & Order?

Not really, because I’m a musician. I’m used to being in a studio and taking direction. These guys are masters at what they do, so first you see the script and say “read it like this.” Then, the guy will say, “No, more angry.” Right? And I’ll say it again, then they’ll say, “No, you’re f---in’ mad right now!” They direct you, and then they’ll say, “That’s the tone, now f---in’ freestyle it” and you go in. My character probably swears more than anyone in the history of video games; Griffin is a bad motherf---er. Cliffy B and all the guys from Epic were first-class.

Push comes to shove, what’s your favorite game of all time?

Honestly, I have to say that I’ve spent the most time playing the Call of Duty games. I didn’t really like World at War, but I loved Modern Warfare and the new one. I’ve spent the most time playing those. But, from a classic perspective, I think the first Resident Evil in the mansion. That was the coolest s--- ever because it was new. I play the new Resident Evil, but it’s not the same. [But] the O.G. Resident Evil – I’ve never been blown away by anything like that. That’s a classic game.

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