25-year-old Hans Smith may not be able to play his favorite sport in real life because of cerebral palsy, but that still hasn't stopped him from climbing the ranks in the majors. Sony San Diego created Smith's character in MLB 10: The Show after the Cardinals fan wrote a moving letter to the team a few years ago. Getting a chance to play baseball, even in a virtual space, is something he wants to share with other disabled gamers. With the help of Sony's development team, a new difficulty level will be added that will make MLB 11 more accessible.

"It comes from the fact that I can't physically play baseball, a game I am fanatic about," Smith tells ESPN. "But I've been able to play baseball over the years by playing various video games. I love baseball video games. To some people, these are just games. But that's because at any time, they can turn off the console and go out to a ballpark and play baseball in the physical world. I can't do that."

The mode is named after an organization created by Smith called the Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes. This accessibility option will feature one-button controls for moves that usually require multiple button commands. The computer assists in running the ball so the player is only responsible for a single button press for tasks such as swinging or throwing to base.

It's always good news hear when a developer is willing to take the time to implement features to make their game available to a larger group of gamers. You can check out the new mode when MLB 11: The Show ships on PS3 in March.