Minneapolis artist Dan Black, who is well known in indie rock circles for his poster art, tipped us off to this show. Black is also a gamer, and recently participated in a show called "Multiplayer" at the Santa Monica-based Gallery 1988. The show theme is art inspired by video games, and Black immortalized the 1987 NES classic Wizards & Warriors.

The piece "The Map to Wizards and Warriors" (pictured above) is an artistic recreation of the game world complete with icons representing loot, jewels, and secret doors done in Black's signature style.

The Multiplayer exhibit runs through February 4th at the Venice branch of Gallery 1988. If you're in the area, the hours are 11AM - 6PM Monday through Sunday. Gallery 1988 is located at 214 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405. For more information check their website.

We've also included a few other pieces from the show, which features some of the most creative game inspired art we've seen. If you want to purchase some of these works, you can do so at the Gallery 1988 webstore.

Artist: DKNG

Title: "Pac-Hero"


Artist: Mike Mitchell

Title: "Prince of Darkness"


Artist: Furturtle Printworks

Title: "There's A Mansion Near Raccoon City"


Artist: Markku Metso

Title: "Which Way To Dr. Wily?"