This CosBlog we’ve got a two-for-one – a pair of fantastic cosplayers pulling off some extremely detailed ensembles. If Elika looks familiar, it’s because cosplayer PhoenixKasai graced the CosBlog as Crimson Viper several weeks back. A second costume in her impressive roster was too good to pass up. Check out the fruits of PhoenixKasai and AoutValour’s labor below.

Who: The Characters

The Prince and Elika from the 2008 Prince of Persia game.

Why: The Decision

PhoenixKasai: The Prince of Persia series is amazing but the 2008 game was my favorite because of the new direction they took with the characters and the addition of (in my opinion) Prince's first real helpful ally in the series, Elika. To me Elika was the exact kind of female that Prince needed, a beauty that was convinced she didn't need him but was a pistol on her own. I just knew I had to cosplay Elika but I didn't think I would get the chance, till I met AoutValour.

AoutValour: Actually, PhoenixKasai suggested I cosplay as Prince. We'd been talking on since I'd first messaged her about her awesome Lady cosplay (Devil May Cry). We have been friends since. I respected her talent as a cosplayer and her taste in games. Once I played for 5 minutes I realized just how cool he was. The Prince is suave but tough. He can take care of business and he does it in style. When she said she would be my Elika that’s all it took, I was sold on this cosplay pair.

What: The Process

AoutValour: This costume took a year total to create. Every part of the costume went through at least 3 iterations. Three versions of the coat (the first now acts as the inside lining to the third) and three versions of every plate on the gauntlet. This was the most challenging part of the outfit. The materials I used here are leather, craft foam, puff paint, paint parker, sharpie, pencil and glue. I used two different types of gloves as a base, cut, colored and sewn together, then added the leather wrappings. For the plates I drew them out on the foam, cut them out and drew what I wanted raised. I pretty much etched into the foam. I added the puff paint and made sure it went where I wanted by edging it with the tip of the bottle. When it dried, I scratched into the not painted part of the foam with a sharp pencil, colored the etched part then etched into it again. I coated each plate with a thin layer of watered down glue to make them more ridged. It’s all held down with lots of tacky glue. I recommend it because it doesn’t restrain the movement. As I built the glove I wore it, so now that it’s finished, it fits my hand perfectly which is nice except for when it’s hot out, then it’s a 30 minute ordeal getting my hand out!

PhoenixKasai: My costume was relatively easy compared to my partners. I sewed the outfit together without using any pattern since it would be destroyed with alterations. I sewed an additional piece to the front but the shirt detailing and detailing along the hem of the pants are all done with puff paint. I bought several pieces to make the necklace and altered it and the shoes with gold paint. While it was one of the easiest costumes to make it was also the most fun since I had some creative liberty with the shirt designs and because AoutValour and I live in different states and never saw each others products until the photoshoot.

Where and When: The Debut

PhoenixKasai: We debuted Prince and Elika at Akon 2010 in Dallas Texas. We won 1st place in the video game cosplay competition and 2nd in the hallway competition. We have had 2 photoshoots in downtown Dallas, Texas. The pictures of the ivy covered wall is a building downtown that we decided to climb all over one morning.. lots of fun!!

Links: The Cosplayers

AoutValour: My page is Here you can find progress pictures for Prince and my other cosplay but I do other things as well, like writing, acting and editing. I’ve written a web series called “Which Die Is That Again?” that I also star in. You can watch it on YouTube or at

PhoenixKasai: You can find me on, Facebook, or my personal website.

The Gallery

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