And Dr. Wily, as a matter of fact. Some of Capcom’s most fearsome Mega Man bosses have been made into impressive sculptures. From Fire Man to Heat Man, this collection spans a large chunk of Mega Man’s 8-bit career*. Metal Man is present, but he is not fearsome. Mostly because he's a wimp and ponies up the best Robot Master weapon ever without much of a fight.

From left to right: Snake Man, Shadow Man, Air Man (above), Metal Man (below), Quick Man (above), Dr. Wily (below), Needle Man (above), Elec Man (middle), Heat Man (below), Burner Man (above), Fire Man (below).

I’m in love with all of these Mega Man Megamix-inspired sculptures by talented Deviant Artist awasai. I even like Dr. Wily’s The Nightmare Before Christmas look. Of course, I have to go with my old favorite Elec Man as being my pick of the litter.

Check out the full gallery here.

[via Tomopop]

*Burner Man is from Mega Man & Bass, which technically makes him part of Mega Man’s 16-bit career.