In order to properly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Neo Geo, SNK Playmore announced its plans to launch an aptly-named station on PSN. The hub will offer a library of Neo Geo games, available for the PS3 at $8.99 a pop, and PSP for $6.99 each. Some games will be updated to include new features such as verses and co-op play.

The first 10 titles to breach the Neo Geo station will launch December 21, and include Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, The King of Fighters ’94, and more. Additional PSP iterations will follow in January. Check out the full list below.

•    Fatal Fury (PS3, PSP)
•    Alpha Mission II (PS3)
•    The King Of Fighters '94 (PS3)
•    Samurai Shodown (PS3)
•    Baseball Stars Professional (PS3)
•    Magician Lord (PS3)
•    Metal Slug (PS3, PSP)
•    League Bowling (PS3)
•    Super Sidekicks (PS3)
•    Art Of Fighting (PS3)