We all know that Metroids attach themselves to human heads. Odds are, they probably keep that head nice and toasty. If you live in a miserably cold climate like Minnesota's, a Metroid wouldn't be a bad pet to have on hand. Whenever you have to venture out into sub-zero tundra, just place the Metroid on your skull and bolt out the door. Obviously, you can't keep it there for too long, or it will drain you of all of your life and you will die. At most, you'd want to wear it to start up a car, or walk down the street to the corner market.

One lucky Game Informer reader can put this product to the test. Pandari has one Metroid hat on sale on etsy. Click here to buy it for the reasonable price of $26. If it is gone by the time you arrive, Pandari is accepting commission requests. I'm willing to bet more can be made.