Earlier this week we brought you news on the sweet deals Microsoft and Sony have lined up for Black Friday. Which begs the question: After you wake up from your turkey coma on Friday, what games are you going to buy?

I'll let you in on a secret: I am hopelessly bad at coming up with Christmas list ideas. Whenever my family asks what I want for the holidays, video game titles are pretty much the only thing I can ever think of. So I'm not going to hamstring my Christmas loot by buying anything on Friday -- I will, however, take advantage of some of Microsoft and Sony's digital deals. Miller has me excited to check out Joe Danger, which is half off, and I might pick up Trials HD on XBLA as well. Also, 'Splosion Man for $2? I'm going to have a hard time passing that one up...

So, what are you planning to buy? Will you brave the hordes of crazed shoppers Friday morning, or stick to buying games online? How do you think this year's Black Friday offerings compare to previous years?

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