Revan – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Whether you walked the light or dark side of the Force, it’s hard to forget Revan. In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the looming shadow of his presence hangs over everything, and the Revan-centric twist at the heart of the story shocked the gaming world. Only when we learned that our main character was actually this mysterious figure did the pieces all come together. Journeying through the galaxy with this force-wielding powerhouse, players got an early taste of the morally ambiguous character-driven stories that would define BioWare games in the years to come. For that reason alone, the Force will always be with Revan. –Matt Miller

Sam Fisher – Splinter Cell

Before Splinter Cell first released in 2002, it was easy to assume that Sam Fisher was simply a poor man’s Solid Snake. But the Third Echelon operative quickly won over gamers thanks to his quiet and deadly efficiency, gruff yet sarcastic demeanor, and the willingness to disobey orders that he doesn’t believe in. Though Fisher endured a four-year break after Double Agent, he came back with a bang in Conviction as an older, angrier Jack Bauer type with no one to answer to but himself. Just because he couldn’t do the splits between two walls anymore didn’t mean he was any less dangerous to terrorists and mercenaries the world over. –Bryan Vore

Sackboy – LittleBigPlanet

Sackboy’s everlasting charm and expressive versatility never fails to leave us in stitches. Though he doesn't say a word, Sackboy still has the profound ability to communicate through a wide range of facial expressions and body movements. Inject a bit of Sackboy swagger with the PlayStation 3’s Sixaxis technology and this teeny character can move and groove with the best of them. With the slew of character customization options offered by developer Media Molecule, Sackboy can assume the role of astronaut, stuntman, and more. His adorable look and larger-than-life personality made him an instant PlayStation icon. Not bad for an eight centimeter tall burlap bag. –Annette Gonzalez

Faith Connors – Mirror’s Edge

While Faith’s most distinctive attributes may be her prominent tattoos, she garnered just as much media attention for her vocation-appropriate physique and clothing – a rarity amongst female leads in action titles. Combined with strength, intelligence, and perseverance, Faith’s tough demeanor in a petite package had her running heads and shoulders above the crowd of cookie cutter female leads. We hope to see more of the fiery anti-establishment courier in the coming years. –Meagan Marie

Agent Francis York Morgan – Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is a divisive game – even its most ardent defenders admit that it has issues – but everyone I know who played it agrees that Agent Francis York Morgan is one of the most interesting video game characters of the past few years. York (you can call him that; everybody does) passes long drives by talking to Zach, who may be an imaginary friend. He sees the future in his morning coffee. His methods are bizarre, but his unshakable confidence and his appreciation for small-town charm make him endearing. Like many residents of Greenvale, York keeps a few secrets to himself, and he becomes even more compelling as these mysteries come to light as he works to solve a gruesome murder. –Jeff Cork