You guys and gals sure do like yourselves some codbloppin'. Activision fired out a press release this morning touting Call of Duty: Black Ops' record-breaking day one sales. Black Ops sold through roughly $360 million in product in its first twenty four hours on sale in the U.S. and U.K., compared to approximately $310 million for Modern Warfare 2.

Congratulations, Treyarch and Activision. Selling 5.6 million copies or so in a single day is a staggering accomplishment. Call of Duty is popular beyond belief, and we agree with the consumer consensus on Black Ops' value with our glowing 9 out of 10 review.

As genuinely impressive as these numbers are, we can't let you leave this story without a little bit of snark. The press release calls Black Ops "the biggest entertainment launch in history," citing absolute dollar values spent by consumers. While that's true on the face of it, it's a lot easier to be the biggest when you're charging $60+ a pop rather than, for instance, the $8-15 a movie ticket costs.

Nonetheless, our sincere congratulations go out to Activision for raking in millions of dollars, Treyarch for making an excellent game, and gamers for getting to play an outstanding multiplayer shooter that has legs well beyond 2010.