If you're going to some Halloween parties this weekend, there's a good chance you might see a gaming-related Halloween costume. We're offering a Collector's Edition of Fallout: New Vegas to whoever can send us the best one.

It can be you, or even someone you randomly see at a party or bar. Here's the catch - we don't want you to just Google some picture from a few years ago, we want to make sure you actually saw it. Make sure you have something Game Informer-related in the frame. It could be as simple as a piece of paper with "Game Informer" on it, but bonus points if one of our magazines is visible in the shot.


We received quite a few entries, but many didn't fit the criteria of having Game Informer in the frame. Before we get to the winner, here are a few of the entries we received:

Chris Palmer and Aaron Apple - John Marston and Mario


Derreck Beard - Chuck Greene


Jose Neira - Sam Fisher (note: there is no GI in the frame, but he did have other pics where he was holding the magazine. This was just the best pic of the costume)


Rob Kehoe - Arkham Goon


Anthony Wallis and wife - Bowser and Peach


Dillon Lloyd - Sackboy


WINNER: Alan Mohary's girlfriend - Poison Ivy