Rappers have made diamond pendants an outlet for jewel-encrusted pop art for years (Gucci Mane's redonk Bart Simpson piece even has its own Facebook fan page), so it was only a matter of time before Nintendo's iconic plumber got iced out. Thankfully, the fine folks at So Icy Jewelry have made your dreams of a canary yellow diamond Mario chain pendant a reality! Even better, it's for sale right now on Ebay for a bargain price of $2699. Get it now and be the nerdiest pimp on your block. Honestly, I was going to make fun of this until i realized that this is TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME and I want one. Christmas is just around the corner *hint hint*. I can't think of a better gift to give your favorite video game journalist this holiday season. Thanks in advance.

If you're really serious, here is the full product description:

Total Carat Weight: 4.50CT
Metal Type: 10K Solid White Gold
Gemstone: Natural Diamond
Stone Clarity: SI
Stone Color: Black, blue, canary, & white
Stone Cut: Round
Setting: Pave
Weight: 30.60 Grams
Width: 1.85 Inches Wide
Length:  3.30 Inches Long Including Bail