Am I the only person who loved Xbox 360's faceplates? I thought Microsoft was going to make a killing off of those things, but they ended up flopping faster than APB. Granted, the selection in stores usually sucked (what was with the wood faceplates?), but I thought that they made for great pre-order bonuses, not to mention a way for gamers to express themselves a little bit. The Xbox 360 in my house features a Blue Dragon faceplate (imported from Japan), and my work 360 is rocking a bloody BioShock faceplate. I also have five faceplates hung on a wall in my game room.

Moving forward, if we want any color on our consoles, we'll have to add it ourselves. Here's hoping all of our artistic endeavors look just as nice as Flickr user Porl's Sega Mega Drive (also known as a Genesis in the United States).

And on that note, if you've painted a console of your own, email pictures of it to me at You can also shoot them to me on twitter at Andrew_Reiner. If I like what I see, I'll gladly feature your work in our Gamer Culture section.