High Moon is offering its players 10 times the normal XP values for multiplayer games this weekend, and they sent along this awesome desktop wallpaper as a thank you to the fans.

Do you remember those sweet Transformers art pieces that used to grace the back of the toy boxes in the 80s? Well, so does High Moon Studios. Their art team put together this awesome image that evokes memories of those same giant battle scenes.

In addition, the developer has announced that 360, PS3, and PC players will be able to get 10x XP this whole weekend, beginning at 6pm Pacific and running through 12am Sunday night/Monday morning. That's a lot of XP.

Transformers fans: How ready are you for High Moon to do another game in this franchise? Because we can't wait.

(To obtain the wallpaper, just right click and save the image to your desktop. We've provided a larger version, but you can resize it as desired)