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How Big Is DotA?

Big enough to climb the charts in Scandinavia. This insane 2006 club jam by Swedish DJ Basshunter topped out at position 2 in Finland, 7 in Denmark and Norway, and 9 in Holland (presumably because the Dutch have a certain appreciation for madness).

We have entered the future, my friends. Europeans have been shamelessly rocking out at the club while some nerd sings about logging into Ventrilo and playing a Warcraft III mod. The crazy moon language [Swedish, genius –ed.] he's speaking translates to "We're sitting in Ventrilo, playing some DotA." Seriously. Awesome.

Contact Valve at to lend your voice to the chorus clamoring for a Basshunter appearance in Dota 2.

Not content with making a crazy video involving his mom (his actual mom, if Wikipedia is to be believed), Basshunter dropped super bonus style on this remake. Because we need more models gyrating about real-time strategy.

What's that? You want to know more about Valve's just-announced next game, Dota 2? It just so happens that I wrote a giant article with all the first details on it right here!

How's that for a coincidence?