Are you sick of zombies yet?

Becoming an annual tradition, several GI staffers made their way to Zombie Pub Crawl VI: It Just Won’t Die this past Saturday. Attendance skyrocketed this year, with over 12,000 undead wandering the streets of Minneapolis when we arrived on the scene early in the evening. We’re told that even more corpses arose from their graves as the night unfolded.

Taking advantage of the massive photo op, Ben, Annette, and I hunted down the more interesting ensembles of the night. Sure, extensive makeup work and prosthetics resulted in some impressive animated corpses, but we found the undead Starfleet members, pandas, and video game icons significantly more interesting.

As for ourselves, we decided to go against the grain and dress as various zombie exterminators. Annette – armed with a makeshift Molotov – stepped into the sneakers of Zoey from Left 4 Dead. She decided to don the slightly altered ensemble from the original L4D concept art. I opted for the obscure, dressing as Resident Evil 5’s Excella Gionne. Only a handful of lucid zombies seemed to know who I was, but I’ll take quality over quantity. Ben’s Dead Rising tribute went over really well, although anyone who recognized him seemed indecisive about whether he was Chuck Green or Frank West. By the end of the night he willingly accepted the moniker of either protagonist, in addition to “LEGO man,” “Lego Wolverine,” and “Wolverine Pac-Man.”

Also joining us was Ben’s brother Sam, who stole the show as an undead Pikachu. The guy was a chick magnet. Last, but not least, our friend Britty took on the zombie horde as Jill Valentine.

Check out the full gallery below, and bask in the glory of the zombie apocalypse. Be glad you didn’t have to clean the streets of Minneapolis the next day.