In one of my weakest hours as a gamer, I paused Dead Rising 2 to search google for a Dead Rising 2 survival guide. Mock me if you will, but for the first few hours of this game, I aspired to save every person I could. This changed when I accidentally killed a survivor with a spiked baseball bat. Now I don't care what happens to them. My humanity has been lost to the joy of killing zombies in the most painful ways possible.

My search for the guide didn't go to waste, however. Before I viewed a walkthrough or hints, my google search brought up the motivational poster pictured above by Deviant Art's Dr-J33. Out of curiosity, I searched Deviant Art for more Dead Rising 2 motivational posters, and to much surprise, I found a handful of them. You can view all of them below. Also, be sure to check out the artists' links for more great video game artwork.

poster by deviant art's purpletiger

poster by deviant art's colonel_cuban

poster by deviant art's neonsarge

poster by deviant art's snakeuser74