If you are tired of DLC that feels like a tacked on experience or a level that was cut from the original game, then you are not alone. Enslaved developer Ninja Theory feels the same way, which is why it's hoping players will get their money’s worth when they download Enslaved’s DLC.

In a recent interview with Destructoid, Ninja Theory’s chief creative ninja, Tameem Antoniades, said, “just before we finished Enslaved, we put a small team on the DLC. From the beginning, the main game was meant to be a start, middle, and end – a complete story – and the DLC was meant to be an extra. So like from an internal point of view, the DLC is a new project.”

Ninja Theory isn’t ready to announce the actual content yet, but Antoniades went on to say, “I’ve played through it start to finish just the other day, and it’s pretty meaty, it’s not an extra few levels kind of thing. It’s an entirely new experience.”

Sounds exciting, but in the meantime we suppose we should just worry about making our way through the rest of Enslalved, which comes out on October 5.