Gran Turismo developer and real-world car racing team Red Bull are teaming up for fictional car to be featured in Gran Turismo 5: The X1 Prototype.

"Every race in the world today conforms to some sort of regulations," said Polyphony's Kazunori Yamauchi, "and every racing car is built to fit within those various regulations. However, the X1 is something new, created from a 'what-if' scenario, a dream we have long held at Polyphony. We want to inspire racing fans and the industry alike by exploring the realm of possibilities for the future of motorsports."

Just how fast is this car? In the game it blew away the course record at Suzuka by more than 20 seconds. Check out the car in action in the video below.

Next Up: Polyphony and Red Bull try to cross a lion and a eagle to make the ultimate killing machine.