Myplasticheart sculptor Matt Siren says that "Ghost Girl was born out of two loves, the female form (specifically the face), and the Ms. Pac-Man video game (specifically the ghosts)." If you're interested in purchasing these hideous amalgamations, you can do so here starting on September 22. Otherwise, you can take another minute out of your day to hear me rant.

Dear Mr. Matt Siren, some things should never be mixed together. We've never seen a mash-up of a puma and a hippopotamus for a reason. Same goes for chocolate and Doritos. Matt is tinkering with subject matter beyond mortal comprehension. Truth be told, this is how black holes are created. Some hot shot artist thinks "I wonder what a human Pac-Man ghost would look like," and then BAM! Earth gone! Humanity gone! No more games.

[via the fantabulous Colette Bennett of Tomopop]