When I was growing up, the selection of stuffed toys wasn't great. I could get a stuffed Ewok, which felt like it was made out of sandpaper, or if I wanted to please my parents, I could adopt a Pound Puppy (a.k.a. the worst toy ever). These days, with sites like Etsy and Think Geek creating custom versions of almost every character imaginable, kids can get whatever they want.

The talented AngelaTiara proves this with two stuffed creations of characters we never thought we'd see. Her design for Psychonauts' Raz is spot-on. Vault Boy's blank gaze is a bit frightening, but I haven't seen permed hair this fine since The Greatest American Hero. Angela doesn't list any purchasing options for these two figures, but she does have an Etsy shop here. Who knows, if you ask nice enough, she may sell them, or better yet, make stuffed versions of other characters!