People always make fun of sports games by saying that they're nothing but yearly roster updates, but Madden's latest roster update is big enough to be a game in and of itself.

Check out some of these details about the update from EA:

• 232 players released

• 165 roster additions including new stars

• 40 player ratings changes highlighted by Arian Foster of the Texans, Seattle's Mike Williams, and Derek Anderson in Arizona received ratings increases heading into Week 1 of the regular season. Tennessee's Kenny Britt and Washington's Devin Thomas received ratings decreases this week.

• 17 player trades including Reggie Nelson on the Bengals, Josh Wilson to Baltimore, and Jarrad Page to New England.

• 16 players moved to IR

• Hundreds of depth chart changes

• 13 players removed from depth chart (suspension, holdout, PUP, etc.) including Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes, Gerald Hayes, Ed Reed, Aqib Talib, Logan Mankins, Vincent Jackson, and more.

• 3 new player contract deals highlighted by Nick Mangold and Andre Johnson's new deals.

• 1 player retired

The Full Week 1 Madden NFL 11 Roster Update:       
Max Hall     QB     ARZ     Added
Matt Leinart     QB     ARZ     Released
Derek Anderson     QB     ARZ     Increase, from 67 to 69OVR
Monty Beisel     MLB     ARZ     Released
Anthony Becht     TE     ARZ     Released
Hamza Abdullah     S     ARZ     Added
Cody Brown     OLB     ARZ     Released
Jim Dray     TE     ARZ     Added
Herman Johnson     OL     ARZ     Released
Onrea Jones     WR     ARZ     Released
Brandon McDonald     CB     ARZ     Added
Gerald Hayes     MLB     ARZ     Removed from depth chart (suspension)
A.J. Jefferson     CB     ARZ     Added
Dominque Byrd     TE     ARZ     Released
Derek Anderson     QB     ARZ     Moved to QB #1 on depth chart
Stephen Williams     WR     ARZ     Increase, from 61 to 64OVR
Darnell Dockett     DT     ARZ     New deal, 4yrs/48MIL/30MIL BONUS
Trey Lewis     DT     ATL     Increase, from 68 to 71OVR
Brett Romberg     OL     ATL     Released
Rob Bruggeman     OL     ATL     Added
Joe Hawley     OL     ATL     Added
Matt Giordano     S     ATL     Released
Shann Schillinger     S     ATL     Added
Chevis Jackson     CB     ATL     Released
Robert James     MLB     ATL     Added
Thomas Johnson     DL     ATL     Released
Trey Lewis     DL     ATL     Added
Jonathan Babineaux     DL     ATL     Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Keith Zinger     TE     ATL     Released
Antone Smith     HB     ATL     Added
Troy Smith     QB     BAL     Released
T.J. Houshmandzadeh     WR     BAL     Added
Demetrius Williams     WR     BAL     Released
Marcus Smith     WR     BAL     Added
Ken Hamlin     S     BAL     Added
Ed Reed     S     BAL     Removed from depth chart (PUP)
Josh Wilson     CB     BAL     Traded to BAL from SEA
Davon Drew     TE     BAL     Released
Travis Fisher     CB     BAL     Released
Shayne Graham     K     BAL     Released
David Hale     OL     BAL     Released
Arthur Jones     DL     BAL     added
Cary Williams     CB     BAL     added
Joique Bell     HB     BUF     Released
Levi Brown     QB     BUF     Released
Kyle Calloway     OL     BUF     Released
Kirk Chambers     OL     BUF     Released
Cordaro Howard     OL     BUF     Added
Kraig Urbik     OL     BUF     Added
Antonio Coleman     OLB     BUF     Added
Christian Gaddis     OL     BUF     Released
James Hardy     WR     BUF     Released
Chad Jackson     WR     BUF     Released
David Nelson     WR     BUF     Added
Donald Jones     WR     BUF     Added
Cary Harris     S     BUF     Added
Jairus Byrd     S     BUF     Moved to FS #3 (injury)
Ellis Lankster     CB     BUF     Released
David Martin     TE     BUF     Added
Derek Schouman     TE     BUF     Released
Ed Wang     OL     BUF     Added
Torrell Troup     DT     BUF     Increase, from 63 to 66OVR
Trent Edwards     QB     BUF     Increase, from 70 to 72OVR
Ryan Fitzpatrick     QB     BUF     Decrease, from 70 to 69OVR
Everette Brown     DE     CAR     Increase, from 75 to 80OVR
Hunter Cantwell     QB     CAR     Released
Kenneth Moore     WR     CAR     Released
Todd Carter     K     CAR     Added
Tim Duckworth     OL     CAR     Added
Aaron Francisco     S     CAR     Released
Marcus Hudson     S     CAR     Added
Mortty Ivy     MLB     CAR     Released
Nic Harris     MLB     CAR     Added
Corvey Irvin     DT     CAR     Released
Robert McClain     CB     CAR     Added
C.J. Wilson     CB     CAR     Released
Derek Landri     DT     CAR     Added
Tank Tyler     DT     CAR     Released
Charly Martin     WR     CAR     Added
Josh Beekman     OL     CHI     Released
Todd Collins     QB     CHI     Added
Dan LeFevour     QB     CHI     Released
Kellen Davis     TE     CHI     Added
Jarron Gilbert     DE     CHI     Released
Brian Iwuh     OLB     CHI     Added
Juaquin Iglesias     WR     CHI     Released
James Marten     OL     CHI     Released
Henry Melton     DT     CHI     Added
J'Marcus Webb     OL     CHI     Added
Al Afalava     S     CHI     Released
Tim Shaw     MLB     CHI     Released
Will Ta'ufo'ou     FB     CHI     IR - knee; released
Jerome Simpson     WR     CIN     Added
Abdul Hodge     MLB     CIN     Released
Otis Hudson     OL     CIN     Released
Rashad Jeanty     OLB     CIN     Released
Reggie Nelson     S     CIN     Traded to CIN from JAX
Marvin White     S     CIN     Released
J.T. O'Sullivan     QB     CIN     Released
Dan LeFevour     QB     CIN     Added
Dave Rayner     K     CIN     Released
Mike Nugent     K     CIN     Added
Fui Vakapuna     FB     CIN     Released
Brian Leonard     FB     CIN     Moved to FB from HB
Cedric Peerman     HB     CIN     Added
Antonio Bryant     WR     CIN     Released
Larry Asante     S     CLE     Released
Nick Sorensen     S     CLE     added
Brandon McDonald     CB     CLE     Released
Gerard Lawson     CB     CLE     Released
DeAngelo Smith     CB     CLE     added
Clifton Geathers     DE     CLE     Released
Chris Jennings     HB     CLE     Released
C.J. Mosley     DE     CLE     Released
Derreck Robinson     DE     CLE     added
Brett Ratliff     QB     CLE     Released
Alex Smith     TE     CLE     added
Montario Hardesty     HB     CLE     IR - torn ACL
James Harrison     HB     CLE     CARRY Decrease, from 85 to 80
John Bowie     CB     CLE     Released
David Veikune     MLB     CLE     Released
Travis Bright     OL     DAL     Released
Phil Costa     OL     DAL     Added
Josh Brent     DT     DAL     Added
Junior Siavii     DT     DAL     Released
Cletis Gordon     CB     DAL     Released
Barry Church     S     DAL     Added
Pat Watkins     S     DAL     Released
Steve Octavian     OLB     DAL     Released
Scott Sicko     TE     DAL     Released
Jamar Wall     CB     DAL     Released
Danny McCray     S     DAL     Added
Alan Ball     S     DAL     Increase, from 69 to 73OVR
Victor Butler     OLB     DAL     Increase, from 65 to 69OVR
Chris Baker     DL     DEN     Released
Justin Fargas     HB     DEN     Released
LenDale White     HB     DEN     IR
Lance Ball     HB     DEN     added
Andre Brown     HB     DEN     added
Jarvis Green     DE     DEN     Released
Jason Hunter     OLB     DEN     added
Darrell Reid     OLB     DEN     Released
Seth Olsen     OL     DEN     Released
Eric Olsen     OL     DEN     added
Dan Gronkowski     TE     DEN     Traded to DEN from DET
Alphonso Smith     CB     DEN     Decrease, from 69 to 67OVR
Alphonso Smith     CB     DET     Traded to DET from DEN
Dennis Northcutt     WR     DET     Released
Brian Clark     WR     DET     Released
Dre Bly     CB     DET     Released
Eric King     CB     DET     Released
Dante Wesley     CB     DET     Released
Aaron Berry     CB     DET     Added
Vinny Ciurciu     MLB     DET     Released
Isaiah Ekejuba     MLB     DET     Added
Corey Hilliard     OL     DET     Added
Jon Jansen     OL     DET     Released
Stefan Logan     WR     DET     Added
Randy Phillips     S     DET     Added
David Roach     S     DET     Released
Ko Simpson     S     DET     Released
John Wendling     S     DET     Added
Willie Young     DE     DET     Added
Jahvid Best     HB     DET     Increase, from 75 to 77OVR
Jared DeVries     DE     DET     IR - knee
Kevin Smith     HB     DET     Decrease, from 80 to 78OVR
Kirk Barton     OL     FA     Retired
Matt Flynn     QB     GB     Increase, from 57 to 66OVR
Spencer Havner     TE     GB     Released
Sam Shields     CB     GB     Added
Will Blackmon     S     GB     Released
Evan Dietrich-Smith     OL     GB     Released
Breno Giacomini     OL     GB     Released
Charlie Peprah     S     GB     Added
Atari Bigby     S     GB     Removed from depth chart (PUP)
Morgan Burnett     S     GB     Increase, from 70 to 73OVR
C.J. Wilson     DL     GB     Added
Jarius Wynn     DE     GB     Released
Al Harris     CB     GB     Removed from depth chart (PUP)
Frank Zombo     OLB     GB     Added
Tramon Williams     CB     GB     Increase, from 75 to 77OVR
Derrick Ward     HB     HOU     Added
Jeremiah Johnson     HB     HOU     Released
Kris Brown     K     HOU     Released
John David Booty     QB     HOU     Released
Matt Leinart     QB     HOU     Added
Andre Davis     WR     HOU     Released
Garrett Graham     TE     HOU     Added
Tim Jamison     DE     HOU     Added
Jeremiah Johnson     HB     HOU     Released
Antwaun Molden     CB     HOU     Added
Jacques Reeves     CB     HOU     Released
Brian Cushing     OLB     HOU     Removed from depth chart (suspension)
David Nixon     OLB     HOU     Added
Deljuan Robinson     DL     HOU     Released
Shelley Smith     OL     HOU     Added
Jamar Wall     CB     HOU     Added
Chris White     OL     HOU     Released
Arian Foster     HB     HOU     Increase, from 72 to 78OVR
Ervin Baldwin     DE     IND     Released
Colin Cloherty     TE     IND     Released
Tom Brandstater     QB     IND     Released
Vuna Tuihalamaka     OLB     IND     Released
Kavell Conner     OLB     IND     Added
Ray Fisher     CB     IND     Released
Sam Giguere     WR     IND     Released
Brandon James     WR     IND     Released
Mitch King     DT     IND     Added
Terrail Lambert     CB     IND     Released
Justin Tryon     CB     IND     Added
Jacques McClendon     OL     IND     Added
David Jones     CB     JAX     Traded to JAX from CIN
Troy Williamson     WR     JAX     Released
Ernest Wilford     TE     JAX     Released
Gerald Alexander     S     JAX     Released
Alvin Bowen     OLB     JAX     Released
Michael Coe     CB     JAX     added
Scott Starks     CB     JAX     Released
Landon Cohen     DT     JAX     added
Atiyyah Ellison     DT     JAX     Released
Leger Douzable     DT     JAX     added
Jacob Cutrera     OLB     JAX     added
Kynan Forney     OL     JAX     Released
Paul McQuistan     OL     JAX     Released
Cecil Newton     OL     JAX     Released
Tony Gilbert     MLB     JAX     Released
Teddy Lehman     MLB     JAX     Released
Jeremy Mincey     DE     JAX     Added
Zach Potter     TE     JAX     Added
Julius Williams     DE     JAX     Released
Aaron Morgan     DE     JAX     Added
D'Anthony Smith     DT     JAX     IR - torn achilles
Colin Brown     OL     KC     Released
Mike Cox     FB     KC     Added
Dion Gales     DT     KC     Released
Anthony Toriobio     DT     KC     Added
Quinten Lawrence     WR     KC     Released
Ikechuku Ndukwe     OL     KC     Released
Tyler Palko     QB     KC     Released
Jarrad Page     S     KC     Traded to NE from KC
Donald Washington     S     KC     Moved to SS #3 from CB
Mike Richardson     CB     KC     Released
Pierre Walters     OLB     KC     Released
Travis Daniels     CB     KC     Added
Maurice Leggett     CB     KC     IR - neck
Jeramhe Urban     WR     KC     IR
Jeremy Horne     WR     KC     Added
Justin Cole     MLB     KC     Added
Dexter McCluster     WR     KC     Increase, from 70 to 72OVR
Dwayne Bowe     WR     KC     Increase, from 84 to 85OVR
Jackie Battle     HB     KC     Increase, from 65 to 70OVR
Pat McQuistan     OL     MIA     Traded to MIA from DAL
Charlie Anderson     OLB     MIA     Released
Ikaika Alama-Francis     OLB     MIA     Added
Ryan Baker     DL     MIA     Released
Andrew Gardner     OL     MIA     Released
Bobby Carpenter     OLB     MIA     Added
Marques Douglas     DE     MIA     Released
Clifton Geathers     DE     MIA     Added
Charles Grant     DE     MIA     Released
Joey Haynos     TE     MIA     Released
Micah Johnson     MLB     MIA     Added
Jason Allen     CB     MIA     Increase, from 64 to 71OVR
Pat White     QB     MIA     Released
Patrick Turner     WR     MIA     Released
Marlon Moore     WR     MIA     added
Roberto Wallace     WR     MIA     added
Joe Reitz     OL     MIA     added
Donald Thomas     OL     MIA     Released
Nate Garner     OL     MIA     IR - foot
Ikaika Alama-Francis     OLB     MIA     Increase, from 67 to 72OVR
Logan Payne     WR     MIN     Released
Javon Walker     WR     MIN     Released
Jeff Dugan     TE     MIN     Added
Eric Frampton     S     MIN     Added
Rhys Lloyd     K     MIN     Released
Mike Montgomery     DE     MIN     Released
Jayme Mitchell     DE     MIN     Added
Kenny Onatolu     OLB     MIN     Added
Albert Young     HB     MIN     Increase, from 66 to 69OVR
Sam Aiken     WR     NE     Released
Zac Robinson     QB     NE     Released
Logan Mankins     OL     NE     Removed from depth chart (holdout)
Kyle Arrington     CB     NE     Added
Derrick Burgess     OLB     NE     Released
George Bussey     OL     NE     Released
Brandon Deaderick     DE     NE     Added
Damione Lewis     DE     NE     Released
Tyrone McKenzie     MLB     NE     Released
Tracy White     MLB     NE     Added
Rich Ohrnberger     OL     NE     Released
Brandon McGowan     S     NE     IR - chest
Quinn Ojinnaka     OL     NE     Added
Matthew Slater     WR     NE     Added
Leigh Bodden     CB     NE     IR - shoulder
Stephen Gostowski     K     NE     New deal, 4yrs/14MIL/5MIL BONUS
Ladell Betts     HB     NO     Released
Stanley Arnoux     OLB     NO     Added
Clint Ingram     OLB     NO     Removed from depth chart (PUP)
Jonathan Casillas     OLB     NO     IR - foot
Sean Canfield     QB     NO     Released
Patrick Ramsey     QB     NO     Released
Nick Leckey     OL     NO     Released
Bobby McCray     DE     NO     Released
Jeff Charleston     DE     NO     Added
DeMario Pressley     DT     NO     Released
Chris Reis     S     NO     Added
Al Woods     DL     NO     Released
Anthony Waters     MLB     NO     Added
Tim Duckworth     OL     NO     Released
Rod Harper     WR     NO     Released
Adrian Arrington     WR     NO     Added
Garrett Hartley     K     NO     Increase, from 76 to 80OVR
Ahmad Bradshaw     HB     NYG     Moved to HB #1
Bear Pascoe     TE     NYG     Released
Rhett Bomar     QB     NYG     Released
Sage Rosenfels     QB     NYG     Traded to NYG from MIN
Jay Alford     DT     NYG     Released
Darius Reynaud     WR     NYG     Added
Sinorice Moss     WR     NYG     IR - hernia
Keith Bulluck     OLB     NYG     Moved to ROLB #1
Jim Sorgi     QB     NYG     IR - shoulder
Lav Coles     WR     NYJ     Released
Aundrae Allison     WR     NYJ     Released
David Clowney     WR     NYJ     Released
Patrick Turner     WR     NYJ     Added
Santonio Holmes     WR     NYJ     Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Tony Richardson     FB     NYJ     Released
Marcus Dixon     DE     NYJ     Added
Marquice Cole     CB     NYJ     Added
Rodrique Wright     DT     NYJ     Released
Ty Steinkuhler     DE     NYJ     Released
Lance Laury     MLB     NYJ     Added
Joah Mauga     MLB     NYJ     Released
Kevin O'Connell     QB     NYJ     Released
LaDainian Tomlinson     HB     NYJ     Increase, from 82 to 84OVR
Shonn Greene     HB     NYJ     Increase, from 81 to 82OVR
Nick Mangold     OL     NYJ     New Deal, 7yrs/55MIL/20MIL BONUS
Tony Stewart     TE     OAK     Released
Todd Watkins     WR     OAK     Released
Michael Bennett     HB     OAK     Added
William Joseph     DT     OAK     Released
Richard Seymour     DT     OAK     Moved to DT #1 from LE
Nick Miller     WR     OAK     Added
Daniel Loper     OL     OAK     Added
Chris Morris     OL     OAK     Released
Brandon Rodd     OL     OAK     Released
Slade Norris     OLB     OAK     Released
Yamon Figurs     WR     OAK     Added
Stanford Routt     CB     OAK     Increase, from 67 to 71OVR
Chris Johnson     CB     OAK     Decrease, from 76 to 74OVR
Jorrick Calvin     CB     PHI     Traded to PHI from ARZ
Macho Harris     CB     PHI     Released
Quintin Demps     S     PHI     Released
Fenuki Tupou     OL     PHI     Released
Kelley Washington     WR     PHI     Released
Keenan Clayton     OLB     PHI     added
Antwan Barnes     DE     PHI     Traded to PHI from BAL
Reggie Wells     OL     PHI     Traded to PHI from ARZ
Ben Roethlisberger     QB     PIT     Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Dennis Dixon     QB     PIT     Moved to #1 QB
Frank Summers     FB     PIT     Released
David Johnson     FB     PIT     Moved to FB #1 from TE
Stefan Logan     WR     PIT     Released
Antonio Brown     WR     PIT     Added
Patrick Bailey     OLB     PIT     Released
Crezdon Butler     CB     PIT     Added
Joe Burnett     CB     PIT     Released
Anthony Madison     CB     PIT     Added
Justin Hartwig     OL     PIT     Released
Maurkice Pouncey     OL     PIT     Moved to C #1
Doug Legursky     OL     PIT     Added
Scott Paxson     DL     PIT     Released
Isaac Redman     HB     PIT     Added
Stevenson Sylvester     MLB     PIT     Added
Emmanual Sanders     WR     PIT     Decrease, from 66 to 62OVR
Jonathan Crompton     QB     SD     Released
Dedrick Epps     TE     SD     Released
James Holt     MLB     SD     Added
Shawnbray McNeal     HB     SD     Released
Marcus Manson     HB     SD     Released
Vaughn Martin     DE     SD     Added
Josh Reed     WR     SD     Released
Jeremy Williams     WR     SD     Released
C.J. Spillman     S     SD     Added
Nathan Vasher     CB     SD     Released
Adam Terry     OL     SD     Added
Marcus McNeill     OL     SD     Removed from depth chart (holdout)
Brandon Hughes     CB     SD     Released
Patrick Crayton     WR     SD     Traded to SD from DAL
Fred Bennett     CB     SD     Signs
Donald Butler     MLB     SD     IR - achilles
Mike Williams     WR     SEA     Increase, from 69 to 73OVR
Stacy Andrews     OL     SEA     Traded to SEA from PHI
J.P Losman     QB     SEA     Released
Mike Williams     WR     SEA     Moved to WR #1
Jamar Adams     S     SEA     Released
Kevin Ellison     S     SEA     Released
Jordan Babineaux     S     SEA     Released
Craig Terrill     DT     SEA     Released
Kentwan Balmer     DT     SEA     Traded to SEA from SF
Kevin Vickerson     DT     SEA     Released
Junior Siavii     DT     SEA     Added
Raheem Brock     DE     SEA     Added
Nick Reed     DE     SEA     Released
Kennard Cox     CB     SEA     Added
Evan Dietrich-Smith     OL     SEA     Added
Ray Willis     OL     SEA     Removed from depth chart (injury)
Mansfield Wrotto     OL     SEA     Released
Steve Vallos     OL     SEA     Released
Owen Schmitt     FB     SEA     Released
Quinton Ganther     FB     SEA     Added
Michael Robinson     FB     SEA     Added
Tyjuan Hagler     OLB     SEA     Released
Joe Pawelek     MLB     SEA     Added
Nate Ness     S     SEA     Added
Russell Okung     OL     SEA     Moved to LT #3 (injury)
Tyler Polumbus     OL     SEA     Traded to SEA from DET
Deon Butler     WR     SEA     Increase, from 70 to 71OVR
Kentwan Balmer     DT     SEA     Traded to SEA from SF
Jason Hill     WR     SF     Released
Phillip Adams     CB     SF     Added
Karl Paymah     CB     SF     Released
Alex Boone     OL     SF     Added
Cody Wallace     OL     SF     Released
Nate Davis     QB     SF     Released
Troy Smith     QB     SF     Added
Khalif Mitchell     DL     SF     Released
Matt Wilhelm     OLB     SF     Released
Diyral Briggs     OLB     SF     Added
Michael Robinson     HB     SF     Released
Anthony Dixon     HB     SF     Increase, from 67 to 69OVR
Chris Ogbonnaya     HB     STL     Released
Keith Toston     HB     STL     Added
Keith Null     QB     STL     Released
Darcy Johnson     TE     STL     Released
Fendi Onobun     TE     STL     Added
Mark Clayton     WR     STL     Traded to STL from BAL
Victor Adeyanju     DE     STL     Released
Hall Davis     DE     STL     Released
Roger Allen III     OL     STL     Released
Keenan Burton     WR     STL     Released
Quincy Butler     CB     STL     Released
Chris Chamberlain     OLB     STL     Added
Cardia Jackson     OLB     STL     Released
Dominique Curry     WR     STL     Added
Phil Trautwein     OL     STL     Released
Renardo Foster     OL     STL     Added
Kevin Dockery     CB     STL     Added
Darian Stewart     S     STL     Added
Craig Dahl     S     STL     Increase, from 67 to 75OVR
James Butler     S     STL     Decrease, from 80 to 77OVR
Josh Hull     MLB     STL     Added
Eugene Sims     DE     STL     Added
Donnie Avery     WR     STL     IR - Torn ACL
Michael Hoomanawanui     TE     STL     Increase, from 63 to 66OVR
Michel Clayton     WR     TB     Released
Jonathan Compas     OL     TB     Released
Derrick Ward     HB     TB     Released
Marc Dile     OL     TB     Released
Niko Koutouvides     MLB     TB     Added
Ted Larsen     OL     TB     Added
Kregg Lumpkin     HB     TB     Added
Aqib Talib     CB     TB     Removed from depth chart (suspension)
Cadillac Williams     HB     TB     Increase, from 77 to 78OVR
Earnest Graham     FB     TB     Increase, from 78 to 80OVR
LaGarrette Blount     HB     TEN     Released
Alvin Pearman     HB     TEN     Released
Chris Simms     QB     TEN     Released
Kenny Britt     WR     TEN     Moved to WR #3
Stanford Keglar     OLB     TEN     Released
Colin Allred     OLB     TEN     Increase, from 57 to 66OVR
LaGarrette Blount     HB     TEN     Released
Tye Hill     CB     TEN     Released
Robert Johnson     S     TEN     Added
Myron Rolle     S     TEN     Released
Marc Mariani     WR     TEN     Added
Alvin Pearman     HB     TEN     Released
Nick Schommer     S     TEN     Added
Tim Shaw     OLB     TEN     Added
Rusty Smith     QB     TEN     Added
Kenny Britt     WR     TEN     Decrease, from 82 to 79OVR
Willie Parker     HB     WAS     Released
Keiland Williams     HB     WAS     Added
Terrence Austin     WR     WAS     Released
John Beck     QB     WAS     Added
Richard Bartel     QB     WAS     Released
Bobby Wade     WR     WAS     Released
Malcolm Kelly     WR     WAS     IR - removed from depth
Brandon Banks     WR     WAS     Added
Roydell Williams     WR     WAS     Added
Chris Ivory     HB     WAS     Added
Robert Henson     MLB     WAS     Released
Vonnie Holliday     DE     WAS     added
Will Montgomery     OL     WAS     added
Chad Rinehart     OL     WAS     Released
Dennis Morris     FB     WAS     Released
Clint Oldenberg     OL     WAS     Released
Edwin Williams     OL     WAS     Released
Darrel Young     FB     WAS     Added
Devin Thomas     WR     WAS     Decrease, from 74 to 71OVR