Halo has always been known for its special edition releases, but the Reach Legendary edition may take the cake. It's one of the most comprehensive and visually arresting game editions we've encountered, and holds a wealth of exciting tidbits for the true Halo fan. For more casual Halo enthusiasts, we're here to assure you that only the most diehard fans will appreciate many objects within the most expensive version of this game.

The hard cardboard exterior comes packed in a nice slip case, which easily slips off to either side. Most collectors would likely store the box without the wrapper, offering this more utilitarian look, like a UNSC shipping container.

The top slips off, and reveals the top level of the interior. A copy of the limited edition of the game sits on one side. The other side includes a special note and instructions on assembling what lies underneath.

Before we get to that, we pulled open the game itself. It's packaged in a smooth and shiny black case, sliding up and out to reveal the contents.

The interior holds one section with your very own copy of Halo: Reach. The second section is a nifty little piece of lore – the journal of Catherine Halsey.

If you don't know the name, the book isn't likely to interest you. It offers a glimpse into the mind of the "mother" of the Spartan program, and includes all sorts of extra objects stuffed inside, including what looks to be a map of Reach.

Back to the big box -- pull out the top level to reveal the real pièce de résistance of the Legendary edition – the Noble Team Memorial statue.

There's not too much assembly involved in finishing off the statue. Several of Noble Team's weapons have been left off so they don't get bent or broken. Detailed instructions are included showing you how to attach each weapon to the appropriate character.

A couple of the weapon installations are very tight fits. It's a little scarier than we'd like as you try to snap Jorge's gun into place, or Jun's sniper rifle. But it ended up together without any breakage.

The final statue is pretty gorgeous, but it's not quite as sturdy or heavy as it looks like it might be. It's made of high quality plastic, but from a distance you'd have a hard time separating it from an expensive resin statue.

And that about covers it. The statue would be a fine crown jewel in a fan's Halo collection, and the devotion to creating a package that stays within the fiction is admirable. The authenticity will likely be lost on any but the most hardcore followers of Halo fiction, but then again, why else would you be purchasing a $150 version of a $60 game? For those elite few, the Legendary edition comes highly recommended.