We’re always on the lookout for indie games that will strike a chord with our readers, and Bastion is definitely worth a second glance. In development by SuperGiantGames, Bastion is a visually intriguing title being crafted by Command & Conquer vets. The hand-painted HD environments are what caught our attention first, though.

Bastion unfolds after an apocalyptic event known as The Calamity, and your goal is to create a new safe haven since the world has shattered into a ocean of floating islands. Along the way you will take on beasts, forge weapons, learn new powers, and engage in other standard action/RPG gameplay. The entire journey features an omnipotent narrator who keeps tabs on your adventure.

Bastion is currently playable on the show floor at PAX, but we’ve got a trailer for you to check out if travel to Seattle isn’t an option. Enjoy.