In an interview with MTV Multiplayer, Blizzard's Rob Pardo speculates that a StarCraft movie is a possibility – if the company found the right partner.

"We've always had an interest in seeing our stuff on film or TV... I think if Jim Cameron came to us tomorrow and said, 'You want to make a 'StarCraft' movie?' we'd probably sign that," said Pardo.

Pardo feels that the company has found the right partnership for its World of WarCraft movie, which is being developed by Avi Arad’s (Spider-Man series, Iron Man 1 & 2) Legendary Pictures and directed by Hollywood legend Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Evil Dead). Pardo reveals that the WarCraft film is “still in the that story-development phase,” but that the company is “super excited about [the project].”

Cameron and StarCraft seem like a match made in heaven. So, what do you think? What Hollywood director would you like to see bring the legendary RTS franchise to the big screen?