The addictive block puzzler is moving to PC, and adds Portal's "Still Alive" song into the mix.

Earlier this year saw the release of a great puzzle game for XBLA called Chime. Beyond the high quality of the gameplay and audio, the game doubled as a worthwhile way to put your money towards a good cause – proceeds from sales of the game went to Starlight Children's Foundation and Save the Children.

Developer Zoe Mode created the game pro bono for publisher OneBigGame, and that same developer is now releasing the new version to Steam. The special "Portal" edition will include the gamer culture standard "Still Alive." In addition, Zoe Mode plans to continue the charitable efforts of the original game by donating part of the proceeds (5%) to the two childrens' charities.

Even though the game's profits go partially towards charity, it'd be a mistake to assume the game was of low quality. Chime was great fun when we played it on XBLA – we don't have any reason to believe that the PC version will be any different when it releases before the end of the summer.