Gamescom attendants might have been more interested in trying out Torchlight II, but that wasn't the only news for fans of the fledgling series to get excited about. Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer revealed that the company is planning to release the original Torchlight on consoles soon.

Speaking with Joystiq, Schaefer stated that they're currently in talks with Microsoft and Sony to get Torchlight out on XBLA and PSN by the holidays. Schaefer had expressed interest in releasing a console version of the loot-heavy action/RPG earlier this year, so it's nice to see their plan is coming to fruition. The CEO also told Joystiq that Torchlight has sold over 750,000 copies on PC, and reportedly confessed that piracy has been a problem for the game -- something that shouldn't be much of an issue with a downloadable release on consoles.

If you're skeptical whether a console version of Torchlight will be worth the wait, check out our review of the PC release, which reviewer Adam Biessener called the "best Diablo clone in years." We'll bring you more news on Torchlight as Runic Games' plans continue to take shape.