Very rarely does a developer take community feedback about character design to heart and quickly turn around a new look in a matter of months. Sucker Punch did just that after it debuted Cole’s redesign for Infamous 2 at E3. Find out why this led to another revamping of the character’s look and what the developer thinks of the remastered Sly Collection.

Sucker Punch’s Bruce Oberg gave a demo featuring the new new Cole and explained the changes:

We got a lot of feedback from people after E3 that they didn’t like the new Cole design that we had made. Frankly, we were really surprised that people were so passionate about the old Cole. We didn’t realize there was quite so much love for him. So we’ve kind of gone back with the design for Cole that we’re rolling out here at Gamescom. He looks more like the Cole from Infamous 1. He’s not exactly the same. He’s in a new city, New Marias. It’s like New Orleans, a southern hot and humid city, so Cole is more lightly dressed. He has a t-shirt instead of the leather jacket that he wore in Infamous. He has lighter-on-his-feet clothes meant for climbing around in a hotter environment. We’re not releasing until 2011 so there still may be tweaks to it, but we’re pretty happy with the new Cole and people we’ve shown it to seem to be happy as well.”

Oberg continues with his thoughts on Sucker Punch’s Sly Cooper franchise undergoing an HD remake on PS3:

“I personally did the original 3D technology in Sly 3, so it’s super cool to see it on HDTVs with real goggles and everything. It’s really great. The Sanzaru guys are doing a really great job with the Sly assets, and some of the technology we used we shared with those guys. So it’s kind of heartwarming for me to see something that I worked on five years ago now actually kind of have new life on the PlayStation 3. It really looks great. It’s super cool that those guys are doing that collection. Actually seeing Sly in Heroes on the Move is kind of cool, too. To see him along with Ratchet and Jack and all of those guys has been kind of cool. We’d always be in the poster together with those guys, but actually seeing them interact and play together has been a thrill for the team. And we’re really excited about that stuff happening.”