Gamescom is officially underway. Electronic Arts dropped a surprising bomb this morning with the announcement of Mass Effect 2 heading to PlayStation 3. What other surprises are in store for PlayStation 3 fans? We should get a full picture during Sony's Gamescom press conference in just a few short moments. Refresh your browser on this page every few seconds for up-to-the-second details from Sony's press conference.

The show should be starting soon. Hang tight, people. These things never start on time.

Time for a quick nap.

And just as I say that, the music gets louder.

And nothing. I feel like we're waiting for a band to come out 30 minutes late.

And we're starting. As always, Sony is kicking this thing off with a montage of videos.

Nothing new in the montage. LittleBigPlanet, Singstar, Eyepet...etc.

Sony's focus for Gamescom is "getting hands on with the games of next year."

PlayStation sales have been great for the last year. "Momentum is firmly in our favor."

Over 38 million units sold globally (16 mil in Europe). PlayStation 3 software sales are up 38 percent.

On to LittleBigPlanet 2.

New trailer shows off the game's new story mode. Sackboy versus the forces of evil!

Full music editor in LittleBigPlanet 2. Several new level types shown. New options for linking levels. "Big drama in a little universe."

Andrew House is up on stage. Two new PlayStation 3 models coming. September 15 brings a move bundle, 320GB PS3, and Move starer pack for 349 Euros.

In October, Sony is offering a 160GB PS3 that replaces the 120GB unit for 299 Euros.

Europe is also getting a new version of PlayTV called PlayTV Live Chat.

This new service

UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Iberia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordic Countries, Australia, and New Zealand will also get a new movie streaming service called MUBI.

On to PlayStation Network.

PlayStation 3 has a connection rate over 70 percent. Wow. That's a lot higher than I thought it would be. We are Borg.

Sony is adding six new TV channels to Europe - Yahoo 7, NOS YLE Arena, Animax, ITV, and another one I missed.

And that's it for PSN. Wow. Really?

Shifting gears to PSP. Over 62 million units have been sold so far. "PSP has a strong future ahead of it."

More than three million digital comics have been downloaded. Go, Hulk! Go!

And that was it for PSP. Um...

Gran Turismo 5 is now up on screen. It's coming to Europe November 3 (November 2 in U.S.). No one seems to care.

New Infamous 2 trailer set to the House of the Rising Sun. Very cool. Not much in terms of gameplay.

Cole has a new look (again). And it's pretty close to his look from the first game.

Moving on to Medal of Honor: Frontline, which will be available exclusively on October 15 for PlayStation 3 owners. It's a re-release of the PlayStation 2 game.

Mike from Linkin Park is now on stage to demo a new level from Medal of Honor.

Mike is flying a helicopter armed to the teeth with rockets and machine guns. He's blowing the living hell out of everything. Looks...explosive.

Mike blew up an entire hillside in Afghanistan. He also almost crashed twice. Demo concludes with a huge explosion and a quick teaser trailer.

On to PlayStation Move. Killzone 3, The Fight, Heavy Rain, MAG, and Time Crisis are all compatible.

When did MAG get added to the compatible list?

New Virtua Tennis game coming for Move. It will also be in 3D. Beware flying fuzzy balls!

Killzone 3 video is showing off multiplayer. HUGE Experience points flying everywhere onscreen.

Time for a demo in 3D. Andrew House says that most of Sony's big games moving forward will support 3D.

Gran Turismo, Mortal Kombat (!!!!!!), MotorStorm Apocalypse will all support 3D. So will Tumble.

Kung Lao's hat flew toward my face. I'm not a big fan of 3D, but this is pretty *** cool!

MotorStorm is now being demoed in 3D to the line "3D will change gaming forever." Big words, but I do have to say it looks cool.

They are saying that 3D will affect the racing genre the most. Did they not see the flying hat? Or the fuzzy balls? Come on, guys.

The track is now on fire and the city is falling apart during an earthquake. APOCALYPSE! Stuff flying at my face. Wow.

Sounds like we'll be getting the Infamous 2 trailer up later today!

And now for something exciting.

Ted Price of Insomniac Games is coming up on stage. What will he be announcing?

Ted is giving a bit of history. He's great at foreplay. Insomniac and Sony have been working together for over 12 years.

Ted just called Chad Dezem up to the stage. He's from Insomniac's North Carolina studio. It can't be Resistance 3 then.

Ratchet and Clank are onscreen. Captain Quark just made his presence known. I love that guy! And there's Dr. Nefarious.

The game is called Ratchet & Clank: All for One. Four player simultaneous co-op. Drop-in, drop-out.

Players can control Ratchet, Clank, Quark, and Nefarious. You can throw each other over gaps, and combine attacks to make them more powerful.

Classic Ratchet gadgets are in the mix. Big battle on a bridge. All four players must work together to solve a puzzle (by turning screws). You can use a energy rope to tie together other players while jumping/swinging/flying.

Looks like classic Ratchet-styled gameplay, but the camera view reminds me of Marvel Ultimate Alliance to a certain degree.

And it might be called Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. I'll never spell it that way again, mind you.

And now a live action trailer is being shown. There's a train...hills...a town is in ruin... This has to be Resistance 3.

Some kind of alien foot was shown. It's clearly Chimeran. A battle commences, gives way to the Resistance 3 logo.

No date. No gameplay. Nothing for this game. Must be really early in development.

And that's the end of the show. We'll try to get the trailers up as soon as we can!