What offseason? Just like NFL players train all year long, the developers at EA Tiburon are already working on concepts for next year's game. Now that everyone's had a little time with Madden 11, let's dive into what we want to see for the next game.

Apart from obvious bugs (like play-action), here's some things we hope happen in Madden NFL 12 divided up into a few sections:


  • New passing trajectories to cut down on linebacker interceptions over the middle
  • True jostling and catching physics to remove the clipping animations between receivers and defensive backs
  • New blocking logic for the second level so fullbacks and pulling guards put their hats on the immediate threat
  • No more magnet catches where receivers, defensive backs, or the ball itself shoots into players' hands
  • More ball awareness by players in the passing game, including better head tracking
  • Make the fumble animations, minigame, and outcome match each other. Too many times what you see and who comes up with the ball is completely different
  • Is it just us, or are right defensive ends invisible in the game?
  • Let QBs audible plays in the hurry-up offense before they get under center
  • Optional QB Vision Cone feature
  • Better blocking by gunners on punts


  • Stronger defensive logic for GameFlow that better accounts for multiple receiver sets
  • Make the playcalling packages in Gameplanning mirror the in-game sub-formation groupings, so it's easier to create your Gameplan

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Once you select your formation in the Gameplan menu, there should be sub-groupings for that formation's different shapes