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On "The Legend of Zelda" And How It Changed My Life
"With the upcoming remake on the 3DS, I thought now would be a good time to express my fondness for my favorite game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I would like to share about how this one game single-handedly changed my life, and what it means to me." Every one has their one game that hooked them to gaming for life, and Ocarina is TurdFurgy's. Find out how it changed his life in this blog post.

Five Truly Despicable Wii Game Concepts
"If you thought that the Wii library had some real stinkers already, just be thankful that none of my ideas exist." Check out TGM's hilarious ideas for Wii titles that are sure to hit the bargain bin at record speed.

Scott Pilgrim Is The Best Video Game Movie Ever
I couldn't agree more. Check out Tim's review of Scott Pilgrim and why you should stop reading this altogether, buy your ticket and go watch it.

Bad Storytelling In Video Games
"Bad storytelling in video games has become so common to the point that we pretty much expect almost every single game to have crap writing. It's a sad truth. When video games do have good writing, they can be much more amazing than a lot of movies and books. So why is it that the majority of all of these writers just flat-out suck? Well, do not worry folks! Enigma is here to investigate!" 'Nuff said. Allow Enigma to explain why narrative in gaming is on the decline. Or is it? Discuss in the post's comments section.         

War On An Abstract Noun: How The Debate On Video Game Violence Is 'Doing It Wrong'
Shawn Gordon has provided an excerpt from the book he works on during his spare time. Join the discussion on violence in the comments section of his post.

Some Of My Favorite Video Game Tunes
Jeff A. list his video game music faves. What's on your list? Put in your two cents in the comments section of his post.

Crackdown: Then & Now
Derreck thinks you need to forget what you heard and give Crackdown 2 a chance. Check out the post for his reasonings.

Are Gamers Born Or Made…
Saint brings up an interesting question. Does the nature vs. nurture argument apply to video games? Find out in his post.

The Expendables Is Great At Being Terrible
Dan will not shut the *** up about this movie. He took his love of the film to the blog space. If you have any interest in this movie or simply want to see Dan geek out about over-the-top action films check out his post.

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