We've got another pre-release edition of the Quick 15 for you! SouthPeak Games stopped by the office to show off an early version of its upcoming open-world RPG, Two Worlds II. We were impressed by how much this game improves on the original, so we figured what better way to show you than by, well, showing you?

Note: At the nine-minute mark (and again a bit later), you'll see the game move into a free-floating camera. This is through the use of a feature called the oculus. Basically, you can rip out an enemy's eye and then use it to scout ahead. You can learn more from our Two Worlds II interview on last week's episode of the Game Informer Show. Also, we normally do the Quick 15 without cuts, but there is a short one near the end so SouthPeak could load up a different area to show off for the last minute or two. Enjoy!