UPDATE: LOKIOLR contacted me on Twitter to tell me that the baby room was incomplete. If you look at the pictures above and below, you'll see that Mario, Luigi, and a handful of enemies have been added to the mix. I should also note that LOKIOLR welcomed baby Joshua into the world on August 1 at 5:14 PM. He weighs 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and is 20 1/4 inches long. Congrats, LOKIOLR! And congrats, baby Joshua. You have the coolest room in the world.

ORIGINAL STORY: In the not too distant future, my wife and I wouldn't mind bringing a child into this world. As I've recently learned, babies are essentially just wet lumps of clay that poop themselves. They can be molded any way you see fit. Flickr user LOKIOLR understands this. Thanks to this beautiful Mario themed baby room, LOKIOLR's child will likely become one of the world's largest Mario fans. Whether boy or girl, this child will almost certainly be a staple at every cosplay convention from the year 2020 on, thanks to this beautifully painted bedroom. Call me insensitive if you want, but my father made me a Cubs fan, and I thank him for his gift every day with tears of joy sadness.