We may be 65 years removed from World War II, but gamers have spent much of the last decade shooting Nazis like it was 1944 all over again. With the numerous games spanning the massive conflict, FPS gamers eventually became burned out on the concept. However, we hadn't experienced anything like it before Medal of Honor released in 1999. Unless you count shooting Mecha-Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D, that is.

Half-Life may have already been making waves and revolutionizing the FPS genre on the PC side of things, but console gamers were just starting to get their first real taste of it. Goldeneye 007 was a massive hit, but EA's Medal of Honor was one of the first to base its gameplay around real historical events. With Saving Private Ryan still fresh in movie fan's minds and Steven Spielberg helping out with the story, their timing couldn't have been more perfect for the first big WWII FPS. Check out the video below to see Andrew Reiner, Tim Turi, Nick Ahrens and myself take on the Third Reich all over again.

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