American Earthbound fans have quite the cross to bear. Nintendo continues to ignore their requests for an English translation of the latest game, forcing the community to do the work themselves. At least they can take solace in the fact that a series of figurines are coming over the next year. Oh, wait. They’re coming to Japan.

At any rate, Earthbound Central has revealed the first two batches of the figures, which are coming out in late August. They’re 12 centimeters tall, which works out to a little over four inches. In addition to the characters shown (Ninten, Ana, and Teddy, from the Japan-only NES original) familiar faces such as Nes, Pokey, and Jeff are coming later, too. Getting them will be a bit trickier than booking a ticket to Japan and waltzing into a toy store, however. You’ll have to win the toys from arcade machines. Double bummer.