While far from official, a recent statement from the CEO of Japanese publisher 5pb would make it seem that Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is working on an adventure game. 5pb hasn't yet released a game outside of Japan, but CEO Chiyomaru Shikura says that he's working with the legendary Metal Gear creator on an upcoming project.

"Yes, Kojima said that he wanted to make an adventure game. We're still at the level of 'let's lock ourselves away in the mountains somewhere and work on the plot,' so the specifics haven't been finalized," said Shikura (as reported by andriasang).

Clearly, this falls far short of any kind of official confirmation. However, Kojima most likely has more free time than usual considering that Metal Gear Solid: Rising won't be featuring him in the director's seat. We'll be sure to update if more news breaks on this possible title.