A new iPhone app lets you turn life's most tedious tasks into a role-playing adventure.

EpicWin being developed by Rexbox and MrFungFung, allows players to check off tasks they complete in real life in order to level up their in-game avatar. Described on the game's website as a "playful productivity app", EpicWin is built around the idea that gamers like to level up. When you go to the gym, call your mother, remember someone's birthday, or do your laundry, you can check that task off in the game and earn rewards like gaining riches and developing skills.

Like Fable, your character levels up to match the activity you complete. Laundry takes stamina, so completing that task gives your avatar more stamina points. Eventually, your character will match your real-life strengths and weaknesses, and you'll have a title to match, such as the Maiden of Juggled Priorities, or the Ent Mage of Paperwork Mountain.

EpicWin doesn't appear to have a release date, and it seems that many of the visuals in the video won't match the final product. Even so, this looks like it might be a fun app for hobbyists of our particular persuasion.