World Records are becoming a bigger and bigger deal in the world of gaming, with the legendary Twin Galaxies giving way to the Guinness World Records, Gaming Edition. This weekend, some players in the Netherlands are going to take a shot at one record in particular: The longest stretch of continuous play in the racing category. Here’s where it gets a bit confusing: The six gamers are going to make their attempts on July 16 (OK), at a Dixons (OK), on a PlayStation 3 (OK), playing Red Dead Redemption.

Wait, what?

“During this attempt to break the record, it’s all about stamina and perseverance. The current gaming Guinness World Record in the racing category is 40 hours,” said Albert Zeeman, VP of Innovations at Vogel’s, the company who’s sponsoring the attempt through its controller-recharge station. “Of course, we want to beat this record. And we’ll find out if we do on July 18th.  Exciting!”

Hold up now. While there are racing elements in the game, does Rockstar’s open-world Western count as a racing game? We’ve contacted some folks to get clarification. Regardless, we predict that there will be some extremely tired dudes in the Netherlands in the next few days. Let’s hope for their sake that they’re not tired and crushingly disappointed...