PBS is going to air a special show of Video Games Live featuring the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in New Orleans performing some of gaming's most well-known songs.

The show airs starting July 30 and goes through August (check local listings for times), and will be available on DVD (with its own bonus features) exclusively through PBS until November. The Video Games Live performance will also feature choirs, live action, audience participation, interviews, and huge onstage screens showing game footage.

For more, head over to PBS' site or Video Games Live own website.

PBS' Video Games Live special will feature music from games, including:
 •    Super Mario Bros.
 •    The Legend of Zelda
 •    Sonic the Hedgehog
 •    World of Warcraft
 •    StarCraft II
 •    Halo
 •    Final Fantasy
 •    Chrono Cross
 •    Castlevania
 •    God of War
 •    Civilization IV
 •    Classic Arcade Medley
 •    Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Check out this teaser clip