The cyber it-girl of the late 90s, Lara Croft’s debut wowed gamers with cutting edge graphics, ingenious level design, engaging puzzles, and an atmospheric soundtrack. Despite the well-deserved accolades, the original Tomb Raider’s legacy and success remains inextricably tied to one pony-tailed heroine – now the most recognized female face in gaming. Lady Lara Croft blossomed into a  phenomena of her own, and despite waning franchise popularity throughout the years, it’s impossible to deny the massive fallout Tomb Raider’s debut title had across the industry.

Being a bit of a Tomb Raider junkie, I host my first Replay episode to see if time has been gentle to Croft’s official unveiling. Joined by fellow editors Tim Turi, Dan Rykert, and Andy Reiner, we sample some of Tomb Raider’s most iconic levels and reminisce about the many entertaining ways Croft can meet her demise. 

Also, stick around for our weekly Replay Roulette. On the docket this episode is Cool Boarders 2. This one…is a bit painful.



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