And Square Enix should let them...unless the game design is similar to Alpha Protocol's. If that's the case, the Chrono series doesn't need to be revisited. All jokes (and bad games) aside, Obsidian is a talented studio, and it would be interesting to see how a Western developer would handle one of gaming's most beloved JRPGs.

In an interview with website Siliconera, Obsidian's CEO Feargus Urquhart said that other than Dungeon Siege III (Obsidian's newest project) the one Square Enix project he would like to work on is Chrono Trigger. "I think it would be fun to take the setting of a Japanese RPG, which is a weird mix of fantasy and sci-fi mashed together and make a Western RPG out of that," Urquhart said. "I think that would be cool. I mean it's kind of Star Wars, that's kind of what Star Wars is a fantasy in space. I think that would be interesting."

When asked what direction the sequel would go in, Obsidian's lead designer Nathan Chapman said, "[Chrono Trigger] has elements of a Western RPG. It's more open, it's still mostly linear, but there are parts you can explore more. There are lots of differences, like you can beat Lavos at different parts of the game and you get different endings based on that. There are obvious answers like dialogue trees and all of that good stuff. The seeds are there for that kind of development."