Starting July 9 (this Friday) and running through July 25, New York residents will have the chance to see a different side of video games. Did you ever think you'd see a Mortal Kombat match fought with guitars? Donkey Kong adapted as a play? Kool-Aid Man giving tours in Second Life? Or how about a play acted out by digital characters from World of Warcraft, Halo 3, and Grand Theft Auto IV?

These are just some of the spectacles offered during Brick Theaters' Game Play: A Celebration of Video Game Performance Art. I can't wrap my brain around some of these theatrical concepts, but I'm dying to see how they play out. Game Play's website offers the following state: "Is art playable? Are video games cinematic? Is Machinima theatrical? Are smartphones a stage? Is there an architecture that connects these diverse media forms? What boundaries can be broken within (and without) the walls of an Off-Off Broadway Theater to change your view? With the increasing maturity of the modern video game, the possibilities for multi-media cross-over artworks cry out to be explored."

Check out Game Play's website for more details, and if you don't think you'll enjoy performance art, click the link below. A big "thank you" goes out to Game Informer user "V" for the news tip.