The Saints Row franchise is busting on new territory. THQ recently announced Saints Row: Drive By for the Nintendo 3DS and Xbox Live Arcade. Both versions are going to be playable in full 3D.

"Nintendo particularly wanted an 'M' rated game for 3DS's launch,” THQ’s vp of core games, Danny Bilson, told CVG. “We had it in production - we were doing a 3D version on XBL of Saint's Row: Drive By."

Bilson also promises that Drive By will lead up to Saints Row 3, and that all the games will be able to “connect.” This means if you do something in one, it will unlock something in the other.

"This isn't a big risk like ChinaTown Wars for us,” continued Bilson. “Also, Nintendo is really going to market to the core with that device."

This complementary Saints Row title falls in line with THQ’s new mini-game approach to strengthening their biggest IPs. We’ve already seen the company’s first example with the announcement of a new downloadable Red Faction game.