The debut of Nintendo’s 3DS has everyone musing about classic franchises they would like to see resurrected and new properties that could take advantage of the hardware’s unique features.

Evidently some Dreamcast fans are itching to see a follow up to Yoot Saito’s bizarre life simulation, Seaman. According to GameSpot, fans aren’t the only ones contemplating a return, as Saito himself tweeted a rather cryptic response to an inquiry last night. According to GameSpot’s translation, Saito says it is safe to expect a title in the same vein as Seaman to make an appearance on the handheld system, but that he isn’t allowed to go into detail.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Seaman saw a resurgence on the 3DS. The game would take advantage of the built in microphone, and interacting with a creature in 3D has obvious appeal. Perhaps the camera would even allow for some creature customization.

How about it? Would you like to help evolve your very own sea creature again? Get Leonard Nimoy on board and we’re sold.