Two months ago, we learned all about upcoming open-world MMO APB's unique subscription pricing structure. The game is all set for release next week, but we've just learned some info on another revenue stream that developer Realtime Worlds will be exploring: in-game audio advertising.

A post on the official APB forums explains how advertising will work in the game. Essentially, one short in-game audio ad will play every three hours but only when you're switching between districts. If you stay in one district for more than three hours, you won't hear an ad until you switch, or if you switch between multiple districts in a timespan shorter than three hours, you won't hear ads while switching.

As far as has been clarified on the forums, it sounds like these ads will be for all users, regardless of whether you're subscribed for a month, 90 days, or 180 days, or if you're just running on a 20-hour time purchase.

It's an interesting decision, and reaction in the APB community seems somewhat mixed. Many forum posters seem fine with the decision as long as it helps ensure APB's success and the continued release of free add-on content, but some (naturally) are upset that there will be unskippable advertising in a game they're already paying a monthly fee for.

[via Big Download]