Ever since 1998, the Metal Gear Solid name has been synonymous with lengthy, involved cutscenes and codec conversations. However, Rising is looking more and more like it may be straying from series trademarks in many regards. Obviously, Rising is more of an action-oriented title, but it also appears that it may feature fewer cutscenes.

Story will still be a big part of the game; it takes place between the events of MGS 2 and 4 and chronicles Raiden’s transformation from greenhorn pretty boy to ridiculously *** cyborg ninja. While the game looks to continue with the incredible production values that are part of MGS tradition, we may not see as many lengthy cutscenes as we did in MGS 4.

During a roundtable Q&A at Konami’s E3 booth, I asked director Mineshi Kimura if story would remain as much of a focus in Rising as it had in past titles (specifically in regards to cutscene length and codec conversations). He responded by saying that they "weren't trying to copy Mr. Kojima" in that regard. While this by no means that Rising won't have an in-depth story, it perhaps hints that we won't be watching eggs boil for 20 minutes in between missions.